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Welcome to the Referral Page!

IV & Respiratory Care is committed to providing your patients with quality home healthcare, along with prompt and reliable service. At the same time, we value the relationships we form with our referrals and greatly appreciate every opportunity you give us to treat your patients. We enjoy working with your office and believe that the referral process should be easy and worry free. The following documents should help with that. Included in these documents are qualifying guidelines for oxygen and Pap devices along with codes that can be used when ordering specific equipment for your patient. We hope these tools will help and thank you for choosing IV & Respiratory Care!

Oxygen Qualifying Guidelines

Grouping Oxygen Test Results And How To Code Equipment And Accessories

Medicare PAP Coverage And Documentation Checklist

Respiratory Assist Device Qualifying Guidelines


The Referral Process

There are only a few documents needed when referring a patient to IV & Respiratory Care.

  • Qualifying Test Results and Diagnosis
  • A Script That is Signed by a Physician
  • Patient Insurance Information
  • Patient Demographics
  • Equipment Needed

We wanted to make this process easier so we created an order form that covers 4 of these 5 pieces of documentation. Now, you can simply fill out the form, include the patients qualifying test results and diagnosis and fax the order to our office. Once we recieve it we will verify the patients insurance and call them to schedule a delivery. You will find the order form link hilighted below. If you have any questions regarding this process please contact our office or your IV and Respiratory Care sales representative.

Click here to print off the Home Respiratory Order Form


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